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This book is based on true events. I rescued PJ when he was only 4-weeks old. He was born blind with a condition known as microphthalmia. The veterinarian urged me to put PJ down. I was not convinced, so he came home to join me and my cat Mischka. PJ has an exuberance for life; he is brave and filled with self-confidence. He runs around the house, plays, and wrestles like any other cat. He hunts, loves to splash in any water he can find, and never hides from the vacuum or hairdryer. He doesn't think of himself as any

different because no one has told him otherwise.

PJ brings incredible joy to my life and teaches me to live every day to its fullest and reject labels or limitations. I hope PJ's story can help children embrace their differences, help build self-confidence, and teach them that while we may experience the world in different ways, we all have gifts that make each of us unique and special.

Lastly, I hope others will consider adopting a blind pet or consider donating to a blind pet rescue organization. Blind pets can live happy, healthy, and joyous lives.

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